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Indy Exterior Clean Roof Cleaning Services

Indy Exterior Clean’s priority is the long-term well being of your roof. In order to bring you the best in quality, we provide a soft wash roof cleaning service. This means that we don’t use any form of pressure to remove dirt, algae, mildew, moss and other buildup.

Specialized Cleaning
We specially blend our cleaners in-house to provide a customized solution for your roof. Different roofing materials need specialized cleaning approaches – and unlike our competitors, we deliver a tailored approach for your specific needs.

We believe in the details. You’ll always get environmental responsibility, top quality cleaners and cutting-edge technology for your property. With our commitment to value and excellence, Indy Exterior Clean ensures that your home is at its best in every way. Quality, curb appeal and long-term results are all a certainty when you choose Indy Exterior Clean for your exterior cleaning services.

Asphalt Roof Wash

asphalt roof cleaning

Limestone granules hold asphalt roofing together. When bacteria like Gloeocapsa Magma, which creates those ugly black stains, infests your roofing, it loosens the granules and compromises the integrity of your roof. We use a soaping agent that solidifies our cleaning agents and allows them to seep into your shingles to work their magic.

Slate Roof Wash

slate roof cleaning

The natural oils in slate need protection during cleaning. We use a special solution blend that doesn’t pull the oil content from your roofing, but instead preserves it.

Tile Roof Wash

tile roof cleaning

Our soft wash solution protects the quality of your tiles and prevents mold, mildew or algae from seeping into the surface or grout. We always clean tile roofs from the safety of ladders to protect this fine surface.


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